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In house research lab. Testing models, patterns, strategies and making conclusions based on real empirical data. No guesses, no hunches. Just  raw data and numbers.


A personal note from Yordan Kuzmanov:



Most if not all trading mentors on the web, don’t provide a third party verification of their performance. That brings the question why? This is the core of their business. They are expected to be experts in what they do. And again, why none of them shows verified trading results?


If you go to the doctor, you trust him because he was hired by the hospital where he works, and in this case we trust the hospital (the middle man) that it did the background check (did the doctor really went to med school, did he really graduated etc).


In the retail trading business, there is no middle man that does the background check for us. We can read reviews online, check forums but this is where it pretty much ends. That means, the ONLY way a mentor can prove his ability and skills is to show third party verification. That could be myfxbookfxblue or investor password for instance. Why don’t they do it?


Connecting an account to myfxbook or fxblue services takes literally 2 minutes. Why don’t they do it?


Sharing your investor password takes less than 2 minutes, why don’t they do it?



We all know why. The problem is most people choose to give it a try because the promises of these companies are too good to pass on, and because most people step into the trading business with a completely wrong idea, how things work. Most also want, expect and believe the glamorous promises because they choose to.


The idea of working just a few hours a day, day trading and making boatload of money is too seductive.


This is how most companies operate. This is what fuels their vehicles. The GREED and HOPES of the clients.



The harsh truth is, not all of you signing up today will make it. Not in this club, not in any other club. Those are the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie.


Another truth is that those of you who succeed will walk their way. It won’t happen overnight or over a week.


It doesn’t take so much brain power to learn the theory. From my experience till this point, i can guarantee you that 99% of the students learn and understand the theory pretty fast.


The problem for most starts when they have to apply the theory in practice.  That means being consistent and discipline to follow religiously what you have learned and fight the inner demons that try to lure you into bad trades.



I will assume that everyone reading this is somewhat intelligent. Ask yourself the question and try to answer before moving forward. It is very simple actually. If you make money as a doctor, performing surgeries or fixing people’s eyes, that is your main income. This is your field of expertise.

Now if you do a side hustle, prepping students for med school, lectures as guest speaker etc, you will be making extra money but this is not money you rely on for your month to month operations.

In other words, when you are doing the lectures you don’t need to hide anything from the audience.


You don’t need to sugarcoat some of the harsh truths about being a doctor. That could be long hours, big student debt, mental pressure if you are dealing with patients in the emergency room and so on.


You don’t need to sugarcoat it, because if people stop coming to your lectures, because you are brutally honest with them, you will still have your main stream of income which is working in the hospital as a professional in your fields.


You see where the difference is between a real professional in a given field and most of the trading coaches? For most of them, the main stream of income is not trading. They rely on selling courses and products thus the harsh truth must be kept in secret. Same by the way applies to brokers.




Why on earth am I sharing all this with you, and you haven’t even signed up.


Well first of all teaching is not my main stream of income. I don’t need to sugarcoat it for your.


Next – before you go all in on the trading thing, you should know all the facts. You should weight the pros and cons, consider your strengths and weaknesses and make an educated decision based on facts, not dreams and hopes.


If you are more of a gambler type of person, if you like taking risks in combination with not being the most patient person in the world this career path is probably not for you. Just like some people are simply not cut for being doctors, looking at blood and broken limbs… There is no shame here.


I’m not saying don’t try, i’m strong believer that anyone could achieve anything (i’m the living example), im just saying go into this business with realistic expectations. If you set your mind to it, if you are willing to put in the effort and the work, if you are willing to evolve as a person why not?


Anything is possible, just don’t be naive. Know your strengths and weaknesses and use that for your benefit.



Every account below was started with a specific goal and purpose in mind. The idea is to show your the consistency and the ability to make money from the markets whether it is using a software or trading manually for prolonged periods of time! 


Don’t fall for the monthly or few months of performance with huge numbers. If you are going to make a living out of the trading you want to look at consistent results over long periods of time, proving that your trading method works well in different market conditions.


Past performance is no guarantee for future results!!

(no credit card required)





FX Delta strategy (semi-automated)


This account represents the power and consistency of the FX Delta software.

FX Delta software is available for purchase at www.fxdelta.net

You can also trade the strategy manually, 100% free. Watch the video revealing it here https://youtu.be/9ziAmICvw0Y

Crypto Trading (manual)

I’m not big on intraday crypto trading but I had to see if what i do works on crypto markets as well.

I put my money where my mouth is, if I tell you my techniques work on crypto, they do.

The account demonstrates how you can grow small accounts relatively quickly given that you have volatile market environment, and you are willing to take the risk.

Usually such techniques are used to gain capital faster, then the capital is traded with much lower risk and much more conservative.


Investing/Long Term (manual)

This account is a mixture of swing trades and long term trades. Long term trading (investing) is very specific matter, so don’t be scared by the drawdown number. It is all about the balance between using as much capital as possible and controlling the risk. The specific nature of the long term trading requires different approach than most of the things you will read in books.

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