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Product Comparison Table

Scalping Intraday Swing Investing
DTA Framework Course A complete trading framework that encapsulates my trading and analytical process. This is what I do on daily basis. From top down market analysis, to psychology, trade + money + risk management, multiple entry methods (strategies) including longer term (swing) and shorter term (scalp/intraday). Multiple pro tips and a few hidden patterns. In other words 15 years of experience in 15 hours of videos. X X X X Web Based
FX Delta 2.0 System A complete trading system. It comes with crash course videos, trading manual,  built in trade manager email/mobile/desktop alerts and many other features. Being 99% automated, this is a great choice for novice and part time traders. X X MT4 / MT5
Platform X Analysis + Strategies Your personal market analyst. Main purpose of the software is to figure out the market direction on 3 time segments (long term/mid term/short term). It analyzes various time frame combinations and outputs the results (market direction + recommended action). It has entry methods included (strategies), but this software can be used in liason with any entry/strategy principal, to improve or confirm the signal. X X X X Web Based + MT4
Supply/Demand Indicator A must have. It all starts and ends with levels. The indicator helps you find critical zones ideal for breakout confirmations, range identification, stops and targets. X X X X MT4