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The Supply/Demand Indicator


UPDATE 3 –  Scan what you see – if you go back in time on your chart, the indicator will scan ONLY the visible part on the chart. Example: Current date = December 15th 2021. If I go back to January 1st 2017 and the chart shows the bars from Jan 1st 2017 to Feb 1st 2017, the indicator will scan only this segment of time (1 month period). This is a great way to perform backtests and develop/tweak your strategy.



UPDATE 2 – version 2.1 introduces the “Always ON” feature. If enabled, you can switch time frames while the InfraredMode indicator will remain switched ON with levels being visible on the chart all the time.



UPDATE – version 2 introduces a few more features that allow customization. 

It all starts with level and ends with levels. Being able to identify key Support and Resistance zones is crucial to your success.


  • Different colors (light red to dark red) show you where the zones of interest are (darkest color). This is the point of interest. That’s the zone where you are likely to see a bounce. In case of a breakout, it is likely that the breakout is real, not a fake one. In other words, break or bounce… doesn’t matter, you can trade both, BUT you know the right level to do so.
  • Automatic adjustment. Simply zoom in or zoom out and the indicator will calculate the zones for the visible part of the chart.
  • Implement it in any trading strategy/method. 
  • Buy above the darkest zones
  • Sell below the darkest zones
  • If there are multiple zones – you can trade in between them.
  • Develop supply/demand strategy

It is pretty straightforward.



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