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Fantastic 2021 Ends Up With Red December And 2022 Opens Slow

It’s been more than two months since I last published the Traders-Terminal performance! Busy days, but here we are back on track. 


The year of 2021 was good enough with some volatile periods, however bottom line sits shy of 40% at 37.1%. The account was started in February 2021, traded with significantly larger risk in the beginning and then the risk was slowly decreased as the balance grew. 



December and January were both in the red for me. I’m posting below the myfxbook screenshots however keep in mind that for December something unusual happened and the results reported in myfxbook/fxblue are NOT accurate. 

For some reason I see archived entries in December (archived trades ?!) and those numbers were wrongly reported to myfxbook/fxblue hence giving massive differences from what it really was.


Either way. The results are not positive, nor break even which is the more important part here.


January was also a slow month that ended up negative. Mainly waiting and trying to preserve the capital, minimizing the drawdown in low volatility/choppy market conditions. 

Looking back, analyzing my own performance, I can clearly say that 2 trades in December could’ve been easily skipped. For January as strange as it might sound, i’m happy with the performance. Execution and management of the positions was as good as it could be, based on my rules. 

Average Monthly/Daily Return (since inception Feb 2021)

Negative 1.5% in January compared to the average +4.9% is perfectly fine for me, thus January is sitting perfectly fine when we look at the larger picture.

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Happy Trading!