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Investing, Financial, Trading and Crypto Terms - Dictionary (H)

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Investing/Finance/Trading/Crypto Dictionary
Handle : A handle is a term used to describe the whole number portion of a price. For example, in a stock price of $123.45, the handle is $123.
Hawks and doves: Hawks and doves are terms used to describe different perspectives on monetary policy. Hawks are typically in favor of tighter monetary policy, such as higher interest rates, to combat inflation. Doves, on the other hand, tend to support looser monetary policy, such as lower interest rates, to boost economic growth.
Hedge: A hedge is an investment made with the goal of reducing the risk of adverse price movements in an asset. Hedging can be done through a variety of financial instruments, such as options, futures, or swaps.
Heikin Ashi: Heikin Ashi is a type of cand chart that is used in technical analysis. It is similar to a traditional cand chart, but it is calculated differently and is intended to be more effective at identifying trends and filtering out noise.
Helicopter money: Helicopter money is a term used to describe a monetary policy in which a central bank directly provides money to the public. The idea behind helicopter money is that by directly increasing the money supply, it will stimulate spending and boost economic growth.
High-frequency trading: High-frequency trading is a type of trading that uses advanced algorithms and powerful computer systems to execute trades at extremely high speeds. These trades are typically based on very short-term market movements and are executed in milliseconds.
Hedge Fund: A hedge fund is a type of investment fund that pools capital from a variety of investors and uses that capital to invest in a wide range of assets, such as stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and derivatives. Hedge funds are typically managed by professional investment managers who use a variety of investment strategies to generate returns for the fund's investors. These strategies can include long-short investing, where the fund takes both long and short positions in different securities, as well as leveraging, where the fund borrows money to invest in order to amplify potential returns. Hedge funds are known for their high-risk and high-return characteristics, and are often only available to accredited or high-net-worth investors.